Tools and Calculators

At Luminus, helping you reach a brighter financial future is our main priority. In addition to providing expert advice in-branch, our website is also a valuable resource where helpful tools and calculators are always at your fingertips.


Life Events Planner

Take advantage of various interactive calculators that will help you assess your current financial situation and create a plan to reach your goals. Click here!

ATM Locator

Find the nearest and most convenient brand and ATM locations to your home or office. Click here!


The "More" Gauge Calculator - Try the "More" Gauge Calculator to see how much you could earn! It`s fun and easy! Try!

Mortgage - Discover the best mortgage for your individual needs and goals. Click here! 

Loan - Determine what you can afford to borrow based on your monthly payments. Click here! 

Home Budget - Create a personal budget and learn how you can make improvements to stay ahead. Click here! 

Retirement Planner - See how quickly you can get your money working harder for you. Click here!