Luminus Savings Bonds

Traditionally, October is the month for Canada Savings Bonds (CSBs) and many of our members consider a great alternative – the Luminus Savings Bonds, which offer a 0.25% higher rate than what the CSBs offer.

Members can contribute to their Luminus Savings Bonds conveniently through automatic payroll deductions, or through automatic transfer from their savings or chequing account.


0.75% (which is the CSB Canada Savings Bond Series S132 through the Payroll Savings Program rate of 0.50% plus our 0.25% bonus)


  • 1 Year
  • Invest through payroll deductions or automatic transfer from account
  • Invest lump sum deposit
  • Great rate
  • Cashable after 90 days with interest, if cashed before NO INTEREST is paid
  • Automatically renews the following year
  • Fixed, guaranteed rate
  • Deposits are insured under the Financial Services Regulatory Authority (FSRA) up to $250,000


  • Not RRSP Eligible
  • $25 Fee to cancel or for an early withdrawal of the SSB (including the $7 Official Cheque fee)