Clearly better insurance

We can never predict the future, but we can prepare for it. Insurance is an essential part of any financial portfolio. Just as with all of our financial services and products, Luminus offers a wide range of options. The right insurance can't prevent bad things from happening, but it does prevent things from getting much worse as a result. Think of what might happen if you were unable to work, or were no longer here. At Luminus, we can help you feel good about knowing that, in any event, you and your loved ones are covered.

  • Personal Loan - Life and Sickness & Accident Insurance

Insure personal loans with a fixed term of repayment. The single premium is paid when your loan is approved. Life insurance coverage pays off outstanding insured loans should you die. Sickness and Accident insurance makes your insured monthly loan payment for you while you are sick or injured.

  • Line of Credit -- Life and Sickness & Accident Insurance

Provides coverage while you have the debt. If there is no balance, no premium is charged. Life insurance coverage pays a benefit based on the insured outstanding balance. Sickness and accident insurance pays three per cent of your insured outstanding loan balance at date of sickness or accident.

  • Group Mortgage Protection - Life, Critical Illness, Sickness & Accident and Loss of Employment Insurance

Life insurance pays the outstanding insured amount in the event of your death. Critical Illness insurance pays the outstanding insured amount if you are diagnosed with cancer, suffer a heart attack, or a stroke. Sickness and Accident insurance pays your insured monthly mortgage payment for up to two years. Loss of Employment insurance can fill the gap between unemployment insurance and your previous income. Payments are tax-free.

Buyer Insurance

  • Buyer Protection and Extended Warranty

Our Buyer Protection features has improved! Now you will receive coverage for a full 120-days after purchase on most retail items of personal property (including gifts) against loss, theft or damage when purchased with your Luminus MEMBER CARD® debit card or by writing a cheque on your Luminus chequing account. Extended Warranty doubles the repair period on a manufacturer's authorized Canadian warranty up to an extra year for virtually all purchases. To learn more details, please click here.

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Travel Insurance

For business, pleasure, or to attend school. Unique protection rated specifically for your travel area.