Your Pre-Approval

The First Step

Thinking about buying a new home or switching your mortgage, but don’t know where to start? Luminus Financial can help.

Our pre-approval process will take the guesswork out of home hunting by assessing your financial situation and figuring out what works for your life. You can apply for a pre-approval by telephone during business hours or online anytime, and your pre-approved interest rate is guaranteed for 120 days. Apply online.

Pre-approval is the first step, but there are many others. Download the helpful Luminus Financial Home Hunting Guide here. It contains tips and tricks for finding a realtor, making an offer and getting a mortgage. There’s also a checklist to help you figure out what to bring with you on your search.

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Whatever your plans, we’ll work around your schedule. You can contact us by telephone during business hours or online at any time.