Luminus Ultimate Mortgage (LUM)

How it works

Consider the Luminus Ultimate Mortgage, a combination of mortgage and line of credit bundled as one collateral loan, easy to access whenever you want, for whatever you want.

With its built-in line of credit, our mortgage is a collateral mortgage that allows you to take advantage of the equity in your home and grants you the power to decide how and when to use the available credit.

In other words, the more you pay down the principal against your home, the more money you free up on your line of credit side, money you can then borrow to use as you please. That’s why we call it the Luminus Ultimate Mortgage—the best of its kind and the one and only credit loan you’ll ever need.

Give Yourself Ultimate Power To Allocate Your Own Credit

Luminus Ultimate Mortgage allows you to access up to 80% of the equity in your home and have a combination of products all secured under one mortgage. This mortgage can have a fixed or variable rate term with an equity line of credit that can be used for investment purposes, your children’s education, home renovations or even a car.

Apply ONCE. Diminish Paperwork.

Luminus Ultimate Mortgage eliminates the need to complete cumbersome paperwork every time you need credit.

You only apply once to get the credit you need to do all of the above. As you pay down the products under this mortgage, you continue to build more equity over time and allocate your credit to other needs you may have.

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