Making smart borrowing decisions can reap major rewards in both the immediate and long term. At Luminus Financial we welcome the opportunity to hear your plans, discuss your needs, and present options that will work in your best interest.  Even if you're not sure if you wish to borrow or not, we are happy to pre-approve a loan or mortgage, and can also set up a revolving Line of Credit Loan that you can use as you wish, whenever you wish, as often as you wish!


Come to us to design your mortgage. We've got the options you're looking for.

Personal Loans

Competitive rates. Quick approvals. Friendly service. Need we say more?

RRSP Loans

Take advantage of your RRSP contribution room, and enjoy the tax benefits in the spring!

Lines of Credit

Apply once. Borrow when you want, as often as you want. Pay interest only on the balance. Check out the RRSP Line of Credit, too!

Credit Cards

We offer a wide range of products.