Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) Direct Deposit Info

Manage your Canada Revenue Agency direct deposit information through online banking

UPDATE: Applying for the Canada Emergency Response Benefit? Sign up for direct deposit now to ensure your benefit payments arrive sooner!

Are you a small business member?

  • The direct deposit service is strictly for individuals using their SIN to register. The CRA has confirmed that the that Canada Emergency Response Benefit only supports SIN-based payouts and are not applicable to loans currently being provided for small businesses with a Business Number.
  • Small businesses with a Business Number will be able to update their Direct Deposit information through the CRA My Business Account portal. Payments Canada will circulate CRA’s link to ‘my business’ account where business can sign up.

We can help you sign up for direct deposit or update your direct deposit information with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). We encourage you to use direct deposit to avoid any delays and receive your payments faster.

You can receive these CRA payments through direct deposit:

  • Income tax refund
  • Canada child benefit
  • goods and services tax/harmonized sales tax (GST/HST) credit
  • Canada workers benefit
  • Related provincial and territorial payments
  • The new Canada Emergency Response Benefit

To sign up for direct deposit or update your personal details, simply:

  1. Sign into Luminus Online Banking
  2. On the left-side menu, select Account Services
  3. Select Set up CRA Direct Deposit
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions

To complete the form, you will need to:

  • Select the account you want your funds deposited into
  • Have your Social Insurance Number ready

Once you register yourself for CRA Direct Deposits through our online banking system, your account will appear on the CRA site within a day or two. Please note, if an individual has never filed a tax return with the CRA, they are not eligible to sign up for the CRA direct deposit service through their financial institution.