Luminus Launches AI-Powered Chatbot - Lumi

Luminus Launches AI-Powered Chatbot - Lumi - For a Clearly Better Digital Banking Experience

TORONTO, ON – February 22, 2021 – Luminus Financial is excited to announce the launch of our fully customized AI-powered chatbot, Lumi, using technology from FICANEX®. Through machine-learning and artificial intelligence, Lumi will provide Luminus Financial Member-Owners, and many other chatters landing on the Luminus website, personalized and conversational banking with the click of a button.

“The way people interact with their banking institution has changed,” says George De La Rosa, CEO at Luminus Financial. “Our member-owners are looking for support and information outside of traditional hours and branch locations. allows us to adapt to those changes and serve our Member-Owners no matter when or where they are looking for support.”

Luminus Financial joins a growing number of financial institutions seeking ways to provide self-service in an increasingly digital space. Through, Lumi can fully automate up to 70% of inquiries with the power to answer questions on a wide variety of topics. This allows for reduced call wait times and empowering staff to focus on high-value, revenue generating interactions. With access to extensive data analytics, Luminus Financial can identify key opportunities to improve the service experience and increase customer satisfaction.

“We are excited for the launch of Lumi because we know that our Member-Owners will be able to get the support they need 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, while ensuring we continue to empower our staff to do what they do best,” adds De La Rosa. “We look forward to watching Lumi’s positive impact on our Member-Owners and organization.”

“We are thrilled to have worked with Luminus Financial on this exciting project for their credit union and to have assisted them to provide their Member-Owners with forward-thinking digital self-services. We look forward to watching Lumi grow and evolve in the coming months and year and to giving Luminus chatters the information they are looking for, anytime, anywhere,” says Andrew Obee, President & CEO of FICANEX.

About Luminus Financial:
Luminus Financial, founded in 1951, provides Clearly Better Banking solutions for close to 5,000 Member-Owners across Southern Ontario. With nearly $200 million in assets, and two branches centrally located in Downtown Toronto and the community of Weston, our vision is to be our Member-Owners’ first choice for financial products, services, and advice.

Contact Information:
George De La Rosa, CEO Luminus Financial
(416) 366-5534 ext. 227

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Contact Information:
Andrew Obee, President & CEO
(289) 242-1472

Michael Barr, Chief Customer Officer
(905) 864-5992