Member Notice regarding York Regional CU

UPDATE - Central1 has completed a site-wide security scan and can confirm that no members have accessed the Luminus banking system from the fraudulent site.

Luminus was recently made aware of a website that has attempted to spoof (fraudulently copy) the Luminus Financial website under the fake credit union brand name of York Regional Credit Union. We have since taken steps to have the site removed and have informed regional and federal authorities.

What Does This Mean for Me?
It is important to know that there has been no breach of Luminus Financial's website or security. The fraudulent website has simply copied the look and feel of Luminus' front-end visual content (what the site looks like) in an attempt to have unsuspecting users provide their banking information.

What Is Spoofing?
Spoofing is "the act of disguising a communication from an unknown source as being from a known, trusted source. Spoofing can apply to emails, phone calls, and websites, or can be more technical, such as a computer spoofing an IP address, Address Resolution Protocol (ARP), or Domain Name System (DNS) server.

Spoofing can be used to gain access to a target’s personal information, spread malware through infected links or attachments, bypass network access controls, or redistribute traffic to conduct a denial-of-service attack. Spoofing is often the way a bad actor gains access in order to execute a larger cyber-attack.

How Is My Account Protected?
Luminus and is protected by enterprise-level security provided by Central1. Plus, member-owner deposits are insured through the Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario (FSRA). If you are concerned about your account security, we recommend changing your online banking login information. Simply ask Lumi, our AI powered chatbot online, "How do I change my account password" and it will provide step-by-step instructions.

Rest assured that Luminus takes the security and privacy of your accounts and personal information very seriously. We will continue to keep member-owners informed as the situation is resolved. If you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to one of our Service Representatives at 416.366.5534 or 1.877.782.7639.