Member Update on Debit Card Declines

Update on Debit Card Declines

Have you been experiencing issues with your debit card? We are aware of an ongoing issue with Interac payment terminals that can occassionally cause debit cards to be declined. The problem is with the terminals and not members’ debit cards, and Central1 is working continuously to solve this issue.

What to Do If Your Debit Card is Declined

In order to help prevent your debit card from being declined, members are advised to always try paying by tap first if the transaction amount is within the Flash limit. The declines typically occur when debit cards are inserted and a PIN is used.

If your debit card was blocked or not working after attempting to use it as a gas station or any other location, we advise members to unblock their card before attempting to use it elsewhere. If members try to complete another transaction, their card could potentially be blocked again.

Members can unblock their debit cards by completing any ATM transaction, or by using the PINning device at your branch. The debit card will work again once unblocked.

How You Can Help

In order to escalate this ongoing issue, we are asking members to call the Financial Hub to alert us when these issues arise, and provide us with the following information:
  • The location where the debit card was initially declined, including a pump number if the issue occurred at a gas station
  • Date and time of the transaction
  • The PAN associated with the debit card
  • An overview of what happened. For example, “I inserted my debit card, and when prompted for my PIN it did not allow me to enter it”. “I inserted my debit card, and the screen went blank”. “I inserted my debit card and received a PIN error prior to being prompted for a PIN.”
Luminus Financial appreciates your continued understanding and support as we work together to help solve this issue. Please contact the Financial Hub with any questions at 1-877-782-7639.