Upgrade to a More Secure Personal Access Code (PAC) for Mobile & Online Banking

Login to online banking to make changes to PACs

As of June 24, 2019, online banking will be upgraded to allow for more secure passwords. All members need to change their online passwords to meet the latest recommendations.

We know changing your password can seem like a hassle, but we also know that our members appreciate the extra level of protection that regular security upgrades provide. In today’s increasingly connected world, ignoring online safety recommendations is simply not an option so we encourage you to make the change as soon as possible.

Over the next 84 days, all members will be required to login to their online/mobile banking accounts and create new more secure Personal Access Codes (PACs). New codes can be up to 30 characters long and can also include special characters such as @ # % ! * ^ $.

Members will have until September 16th to make the update, after which your old PAC will no longer work.

Steps to changing your PAC:

Step 1 - Online Banking Login

On June 24th, members will be able to update their personal access codes PAC to a more secure password including uppercase characters, and symbols. Luminus members who use online banking will be required to log in via the Luminus Financial website (www.luminusfinancial.com).

We recommend bookmarking the Luminus homepage to make access to online banking even easier. Mobile banking users can also use our Mobile Banking App available for both iOS and Android to make the changes.

How To Log In
login screen

2 - Where to update your PAC

Once logged in to your familiar online/mobile banking platform:

  1. Go to the “Profile and Preferences” section.
  2. A drop-down menu will appear.
  3. From the drop-down menu select, “Change Personal Access Code”.
  4. This should direct you to the page pictured below where you can change your access code.

How to change PAC
3 - Change your PAC

To change your Personal Access Code:

  1. Enter your current PAC in the “Current PAC” field.
  2. Enter your new PAC in the “New PAC” field.
  3. Verify your new PAC by re-entering it in the “verify New PAC” field.
  4. Press “SUBMIT”.

3 - Guidelines for your new PAC

  1. Your new PAC must be 8 to 30 characters in length
  2. It must contain at least 1 uppercase, 1 lowercase, and 1 numeric value.
  3. It is also mandatory to include at least one special character, for example @ # % ! *.  
  4. NOTE: You cannot reuse your previous 10 passwords.  

If you have any difficulty, please contact your branch.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the deadline for changing my PAC?

A: September 16th

Q: Why are PACs changing?

A: By introducing a requirement for longer passwords using special characters, our online/mobile banking systems are meeting the latest guidelines for cybersecurity.

Q: Do I have to change my PAC?

A: Yes, all PACs will have to meet the new PAC guidelines by September 26th. If you’re having any trouble figuring this out, give us a call or drop into your local branch.