Transfer to a Luminus Visa, Get 500 Bonus Points!

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Give yourself the gift of a better credit card!

Switching credit cards is something many of us postpone until we have to, but here at Luminus, we want to change that. If you've got multiple cards, and a headache of different payment schedules, then let us help you sort it out. We can consolidate all your credit cards into one simple card that earns you points as you spend, and we'll give you 500 bonus points in the process.

With 11 Luminus Visa cards to choose from and bonus points with your name on them, it's time to make the move and figure out which card is the right fit for you!

But first, why should you switch?

  1. It’s convenient - Switch to one simple monthly payment
  2. Banking in one place - Keep all your banking at Luminus to avoid confusion
  3. All the benefits of our Visa Cards - From low interest to rewards systems
  4. 500 bonus points - a boost to your credit card points
  5. Online payments - Manage all your payments and balance online
  6. Interac enabled - Tap or swipe wherever you go

How to get your 500 points:

  1. Transfer your credit balance to a Luminus Visa Card
  2. Your balance must be transferred from a competitor
  3. Make the transfer before December 31st
Transfer your balance to any of our Visa Cards to get 500 bonus points

Below we’ve listed four of our most popular cards, but if you’d like to find out more about our full range of Visa cards (including student, US dollar and multiple business options) CLICK HERE


Earn points for every $1 spent and double your points on gas purchases. It doesn't matter if you're buying groceries or gas, dining out with friends, getting a haircut or seeing the latest movie in a theatre. It all adds up to valuable cash back that can be redeemed as an account credit.

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With a credit line and interest rate customized to benefit your financial well-being and a wide-ranging rewards program, the Visa FlexRate Card gives you maximum flexibility for your lifestyle. You’ll earn reward points with every purchase, and you’ll have a variety of options for redeeming your points.

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Earn 2 points for every $1 spent. The Visa Infinite Card is your key to earning the exclusive benefits you deserve. You'll be rewarded with unique benefits and exceptional service wherever you go.

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The No Fee Cash Back Visa Business Card allows you to earn cash back for the purchases your business regularly makes.

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