Luminus Financial offers strike relief to Ontario college faculty.  Learn more here or call 416.366.5534.  

When it comes to loans, we're here to listen and to serve.  For a limited time you will not have to make any payments on your loan until March 2018*.  So whether you want to take advantage of a great bargain, or save on taxes - there are many different and very good reasons for taking out a loan. We work hard to ensure you get the right loan for your purposes. We have a variety of options to make it fit to what you need, we can add your loan payments to your payroll deduction or coordinate it to the scheduled direct deposit of your pay.

What can you do with a personal loan from Luminus Financial? 

Consolidate:  Maybe it is time to consolidate your debts and save thousands on interest cost.  The following article gives great tips that you should consider:  Ways to get smart and avoid drowning in dumb debt.

Travel:  Maybe you want to travel this year right before or during the holidays.  Here is a great article on Instagram's Top Destinations.  

Renovate:  Maybe you want to renovate your home right before the holidays.  This doesn't mean you'll be knocking walls down but just adding some new fancy furniture can help.  Here is an article that can inspire you:  10 Beautiful Rooms That Will Inspire You

The possibilities to a personal loan from Luminus Financial are endless!  AND... with NO PAYMENTS* until 2018... you can't go wrong.   If you already have a loan with Luminus Financial, you can take advantage of our Skip A Payment Option. 

Call our Loan Specialists at 416.366.5534 to set up an appointment or apply for your loan now.

Remember that credit insurance is available on all our loans to protect you.  

*On approved credit. Terms and conditions apply. Speak with a Luminus Financial representative for further details. Interest accrues throughout the period during which payments are not required.