Ontario Awareness Campaign

Luminus Financial Joins Credit Unions of Ontario to Promote Co-operative Banking

TORONTO, ONTARIO – January 20, 2014 – Luminus Financial is pleased to announce its participation in supporting the Ontario Awareness Campaign (the “Campaign”) launched today. The Campaign is a five year program dedicated to promote credit unions as an alternative form of banking.

Together with credit unions from across Ontario, Luminus Financial has dedicated its resources to promote co-operative banking and communicate its benefits to Ontarians, including:

• financial freedom for members, who are also owners of their credit unions
• banking profits with a higher purpose (reinvested back into the communities that credit unions serve to do good things for everyone)
• banking services that are customized to members’ needs rather than focused on what can be sold to them, and
• localized decision making

“Luminus Financial’s members have long benefited from our Member Rebate Program, as well as lower rates and fees offered by our credit union,” said George De La Rosa, CEO of Luminus Financial. “We are proud to join this movement in bringing co-operative banking’s benefits to all Ontarians’ attention so they can maximize their financial positions.”

The Campaign’s objective is to increase the number of members in credit unions and establish credit unions as an economically viable and socially meaningful alternative to the traditional banking options.

More information on co-operative banking can be found at CooperativeBanking.ca.

About Luminus Financial

Luminus Financial (formerly Starnews), an Ontario credit union, was founded in 1951. Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, Luminus provides banking products and services, including business and personal banking, loans, investment products and insurance to over 4,500 members.

Renamed in 2011, Luminus is the designated credit union for employees of Toronto Star, Metroland, Air Canada, Globe and Mail and Metro. In 2013, Luminus partnered with BDO Unibank Inc. in the Philippines to launch the credit union's "Remit Now, Pay Later" campaign featuring low-cost remittance programs to facilitate a cost-effective way for members of the Filipino community in Canada to send funds to their family and loved ones still living in the Philippines.

Members of Luminus are also owners of the credit union. At Luminus, members have access to financial services at the least possible cost. Additionally, Luminus' profits are shared with its members in the form of bonus interest on deposits and interest rebates on loans and mortgages.