Luminus Financial Offers 3.25% on its Investment Savings Account

TORONTO, ONTARIO – October 1, 2014 – Luminus Financial is pleased to announce a 3.25% promotional rate on its Investment Savings Account (“ISA”).

“At Luminus, we strive to provide our member-owners with great rates for their savings, banking products with no fees, and better service,” commented George De La Rosa, Chief Executive Officer of Luminus Financial. “Our team is dedicated to helping our member-owners find banking solutions that are tailored to their needs.”

All deposits made into a Luminus ISA will earn 3.25% until December 31, 2014. Luminus’ ISA is a secure and flexible account where you can place your funds while deciding how to invest them. Your ISA can hold your investment portfolio and it’s eligible for RRSP and Tax Free Savings Account contribution limits. The funds can be withdrawn at any time without penalties and Luminus does not charge fees on any deposits. To access your funds, simply transfer the funds into your chequing or regular savings account online.

About Luminus Financial

Luminus Financial (formerly Starnews), an Ontario credit union, was founded in 1951. Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, Luminus provides banking products and services, including business and personal banking, loans, investment products and insurance to over 3,500 members.

Renamed in 2011, Luminus is the designated credit union for employees of Toronto Star, Metroland, Air Canada, Globe and Mail and Metro. Members of Luminus are also owners of the credit union. At Luminus, members have access to financial services at the least possible cost. Additionally, Luminus' profits are shared with its members in the form of bonus interest on deposits and interest rebates on loans and mortgages.