Get out of debt faster with a consolidation loan

One of the problems with debt is that it’s easy to get into, and really hard to pay off.

This is especially true for credit cards. Credit card companies are known for charging high interest rates, which can trap you in a cycle of debt. And, if you have several different loans, you could end up paying a lot of interest, while balancing a variety of different deadlines.

There is a way out. At Luminus Financial, we offer competitive-rate consolidation loans to help you get out of debt faster. You can take out a Luminus Consolidation Loan and pay off your credit cards, pay-day loans and lines of credit right away. That loan will then become one manageable payment. This means you’ll be able to know exactly when you’ll be debt-free. And since our loans are fully opened, you can make extra payments at any time without penalty.

Imagine the feeling of peace – knowing you’re moving closer to being debtfree. Sounds great, doesn’t it? At Luminus Financial, we think so too.

For details, and to apply, just call us today at 416.366.5534 or 1.877.782.7639 – or apply online for a pre-approved line of credit (and even more benefits!)


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