Should you move – or move your mortgage?

Buying or selling a home is at the top of the list in most people’s financial decisions. If you already have a home and are thinking of moving, you have very good reasons - maybe you feel you’ve outgrown your house, or you want to change neighbourhoods, or you want to reduce the financial strain.

Before you make your final decision, make sure you have explored your options. Moving means venturing into the unknown. You aren’t sure how fast your home will sell, or for what price. You don’t know your new neighbours, or the hidden surprises you might discover in your next home. There is also the major time commitment to look for a home, get your present home ready for sale, and do all the notifications and adjustments that come with moving. On the other hand, renovating an existing home can be an adventure, too! There is no single correct answer.

Our new M-Series mortgage line is specially designed to accommodate existing mortgages. In addition to great terms and exciting BONUS incentives*, we'll offer a “no transfer-in fee”** deal if you decide to switch your mortgage to Luminus Financial from another bank.

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* Some restrictions may apply.

** On approved credit. Does not include penalties. See in-branch for full details.