Loan Consolidation

Enjoy your credit card benefits and rewards, by avoiding high interest charges

Here’s how you can enjoy all the benefits and rewards of your credit cards this holiday season – and avoid the high interest charges that go with them!

• With just one call, or a simple online application, you can arrange now for a Luminus Consolidation Loan to pay off your high interest credit cards before Christmas and add a little extra to your savings account for your anticipated Christmas bills.
• Do your Christmas shopping using your credit cards to get your reward points, etc.
• Use your Consolidation Loan to immediately pay off all your credit card debt – before the interest kicks in.

You could save hundreds of dollars in interest charges, earn travel miles and other card loyalty rewards, and pay off your Christmas spending with just one, convenient and manageable monthly payment. Consider it a gift to yourself!

For details, and to apply, just call us today at 416.366.5534 or 1.877.782.7639 – or apply online for a pre-approved line of credit (and even more benefits!)