Higher yield. Higher security.

Do you think of yourself as an investor or saver? With a Luminus Financial Investment Savings Account (ISA), you can be both! A big bonus is that, rather than locking in your funds to increase your return, you can access the funds at any time, just by transferring them to your chequing or other account online.

Worried about fees? There are no fees for making a deposit, and you can do that in-branch, by mail, electronic transfer, payroll deduction, or direct deposit.

A Luminus Financial ISA is ideal for any amount, including large sums of money - such as the proceeds of a house sale or inheritance - that you want to “park” for a short term before making any long-term decisions. The same is true if you have a substantial sum in a regular savings account; transfer it into an ISA, and you have the same level of security and flexibility, but now your money is working harder for you.

We've come up another idea you're going to like. Read on!

Use a Luminus Investment Savings Account to create your virtual Secret Money Jar.

Chances are, your grandparents had a “special jar” where they would save up for a special item. A Luminus ISA can be your “special jar”, except that this one pays you interest. To make it especially easy and painless, set up a payroll deduction to put funds automatically into your “secret money Jar.” Even at just $50 per month, you will be surprised at how the money can add up.

You'll want to make sure it is for a very specific goal. A newlywed couple, for example, used this concept for a 10th Anniversary gift; they put away $100 a month, and by the time of their anniversary, they had close to $13,000 to go on a dream vacation. For someone else, rather than giving in to the urge of buying that large-screen TV right away on credit, they decided to make “payments” into their Investment Savings Account and saved up for the TV over the course of a year. Not only did they earn money while they were doing it; they also saved a lot of money because they avoided high-interest credit card charges.

What could you do with your Luminus Financial Investment Savings Account? Open yours today by calling us!