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Account Closed Within 90 Days of Opening $25.00
Annual Membership Dues $9.99
American Express Gift Cheques 3.00%
American Express Travellers' Cheques 1.00%
American Express Travellers' Cheques for Two® 2.00%
CAFT Transfers  $20.00
Call Branch for Balance Request  $2.00
Certified Cheques - Member $7.50
Certified Cheques - Non-Member $20.00
Chargebacks $15.00
Cheques Negotiated in US Dollars on CAD Account $20.00 plus foreign exchange
Cheque copy request $5.00
Cheque Verification (Per Cheque) $5.00
Collection Items - per item $40.00
Confirmation of Balance(s) $50.00
Counter Cheques Not Encoded - per item $10.00
Courier Delivery - cost plus $15.00
Extended Warranty and Buyer Protection FREE
Foreign Currency Cash Delivery (over $500) FREE
Foreign Currency Cash Delivery (under $500) $30.00
Interac® e-Transfer incoming FREE
Interac® e-Transfer outgoing $1.00
Interac® e-Transfer incoming (business) $0.85
Interac® e-Transfer outgoing (business) $1.00
Interac® Online Payments (Effective August 1st, 2018) $0.70
Interest Letters See loans
Interim statement (extended history) $3.00
Letter of Good Standing - per item $30.00
Loan payment reversal or correction to automatic debit $50.00
Minimum Overdraft Charge n/a
Non Sufficient Funds (NSF) Item - per item $45.00
NSF at Presentation - per item $20.00
Official Cheques/Drafts $7.00
Personalized Cheques, Varies With Design Cost
Processing Post Dated Cheques - Per Item $2.50
Remittance  $10.00
Replacement For Lost or Damaged Chip ATM Card - First replacement FREE $15.00
Replacement Deposit Books  $3.00
Research Requests Per Hour (i.e. copies of cheques, T5's, official receipts, statements, or any item sent and subsequently lost by member) - Minimum 1 Hour Charge $50.00/hour
Screen Printout - Per Page FREE
Statements: E-statement/Online - per statement FREE
Statements: Paper/Mailed - per statement $2.50
Stop Payment Requests - per item $12.00
Transfer of Funds to Cover Overdraft - Per Item $2.50
Authorized Ovedraft Rate 21.00%
Unauthorized Overdraft Rate 40.00%
Unencoded Item $10.00
Over Limit of Unauthorized Overdraft $25.00
Wires Incoming (CAD) $12.00
Wires Incoming (USD) $15.00
Wires Outgoing $30.00

Effective October 1, 2017

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