Annual Membership Dues

Please note that Membership Dues, which are $15.00 (effective Nov 30, 2023), are paid annually by virtually all credit unions and credit union members on a national and provincial level as continued support and advancement of the entire Credit Union system.

These dues allow Luminus Financial to provide member-owners with access to a wide range of products and services including INTERAC®, our FREE access to ATMs on THE EXCHANGE® Network, and VISA®; as well as the security of your accounts online, including regulatory reporting, anti-money laundering monitoring and much more. Your dues also support initiatives regarding government relations, research and intelligence, communications, and community building/liaison.

Are you a big supporter of Charities? So are we!

The annual Membership Dues also help to support the Ontario Credit Union Foundation (OCUF). The Ontario Credit Union Foundation’s primary activity is managing funds established by a donor to ensure disbursements go to registered charities, support charitable activity, or are moved to another foundation. They also offer services to member Credit Unions such as grant disbursement, grant assessment and scholarship/bursary assessment for financially deserving youth of Ontario who are strong community citizens. Learn more about the Ontario Credit Union Foundation here.

If you have any other questions please feel free to contact our Members Relations Officer here or call 416.366.5534 or 1.877.782.7639.