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Going on a trip?

Buy foreign currency at competitive exchange rates. No FEES on orders over $500. Read More

Remit Now, Pay Later!

Send money from Canada to anywhere in the Philippines with Luminus Financial! Sign up here. For more information on our remittance service, read here.

Our Promise to our Members

As a member-owner of Luminus Financial, you have our commitment to live up to our promise of a clearly better banking experience. Read More

ding free® from sea to sea

From BC to Newfoundland, our members have access to over 2400 surcharge-free ATMs. Added up, that’s a bigger ATM network than most banks. And it’s all ding free®Read More

News and Updates

Victory Merger Announcement

Victory members approve merger with Luminus Financial.  Click here for press release.  

Strike Relief

Luminus Financial has stepped in to ease the financial strain on Ontario college faculty affected by the recent strike.  Click here for press release.  

Luminus to Acquire Victory Credit Union

In an exciting move for local credit union members, two community-minded financial institutions, Luminus Financial and Victory Community Credit Union, have laid plans to become one later this year following a unanimous agreement between both boards of directors. The partnership is still pending regulatory and membership approval but is slated for completion by December 29, 2017.  Click here for press release.  

Annual Membership Dues on November 15, 2017

Please note that on November 15, 2017 the Annual Membership Dues will be debited from your accounts.  Click here for full information on what these annual membership dues help to support.  

Luminus Prime Rate change to 3.20% effective September 8, 2017

Please note that effective September 8, 2017 the Luminus Prime Rate will change to 3.20%.  Click here for a full listing of our rates.  

Service Fee Changes effective October 1, 2017

Please note that we have made some updates and changes to our service fees effective October 1, 2017. If you have any questions, please speak to our Member Relations Officers today. Click here for a listing of all our service fees.  

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