Board Candidates 2018

The following candidates meet the requirements to run for the Board of Directors in 2018

Colleen Gray

My name is Colleen Gray and I am seeking re election the Board as a director in good standing. It would be an honour to serve on the  Board as a voice and representative of our member owners. I was first elected to the Board in the year 2000.  During my tenure on the board I have equipped myself with all training courses needed to ensure I can meet and exceed your expectations as a director. I graduated the CUDA program and continue to take relevant courses to stay up to date on industry changes government regulations and  threats against our business. I recently completed the Board 360 training consisting of 28 modules on every aspect of the credit union achieving a 94% average overall. Some of the positions I held while on the Board including Secretary, Vice Chair and Chair of the Board. I have also sat on numerous committees including nominating, governance and audit. This vast experience has given me a wealth of knowledge to serve our members further. My career was focused in Finance field. For 24 Years I worked at the Toronto Star in the Finance Department.  I held the title of supervisor ,  credit department from  1998 until until I retired in 2012. I bring to Luminus strong interpersonal skills, vast credit and collection experience , Human Resources experience,  and a team player someone who adapts well to changes. I am a strong supporter of the co operative principles of the Credit Union system and enjoy promoting  Luminus  to the community every chance I get. It would be an honour represent our member owners on the Luminus Financial Board and I would. Like to ask for your support. Thank you.

Miguel Martin-Garcia

Miguel Martin-Garcia first joined Luminus Financial as a member in 2000, when it was Starnews Credit Union. Since then, he has developed a career in editing, most recently with S&P Global Ratings. There, he is also a member of various committees looking at ways of simplifying and reorganizing how operations work, both globally for editorial and with the U.S. Public Finance Team. In addition, he is vice-chair of the Board of Publishers at Excalibur Publications Inc., and has been a part of two newsroom reorganizations since joining in 2011, helps mentor young journalists in training, and helps decide organizational strategy. In his spare time, he does freelance marketing and writing for a payments solution start-up company. He recently earned his MBA from the Ivey Business School at Western University through the executive program, which focuses on global leadership. Miguel looks forward to helping lead the credit union into the future. 

Paul Miller

My name is Paul Miller and I have served the membership of Luminus Financial as a Board Director since April 2000.  I am a Chartered Accountant and Chartered Professional Accountant in the Province of Ontario.  In my role with Luminus, I have served as Board Chair for the past five years and have also chaired every committee on the Board including 5 years as the Chair of the Audit Committee.  As Board Chair, I help ensure that management will have the resources to carry out the Luminus Vision and maintain our credit union’s values.  I guide the Board in matters relating to its due diligence in monitoring the performance of Luminus, its adherence to policies and adherence to the Credit Union and Caisses Populaires Act and all of the regulations and bylaws from our regulator, the Deposit Insurance Corporation of Ontario (DICO).   

As a co-operative financial institution, we operate in accordance with the seven co-operative principles of voluntary and open membership, democratic member control, member economic participation, autonomy and independence, education, training and information, co-operation among co-operatives and concern for community.  As Board Chair, I endeavour to encompass these principles in all that I do for the Board and the membership. 

It has taken a long time for us to become the most visible financial institution in the building but it has always been Luminus’ vision to be your first choice in banking and financial services and advice.  I was very pleased to have been the Board Chair when we in augurated the opening of this Hub at One Yonge. 

As a Director, I have a life-long interest in learning and have taken all of the Director courses offered the CUSOURCE – the organization owned and operated by the Credit Union Institute of Canada.  CUSOURCE operates the Credit Union Director Achievement (CUDA) program and I have completed all program offerings as well as on-going professional development. 

Glenn Pollinger 

I was a part of the Starnews and then Luminus Board for 19 years. I did not seek re-election at the AGM in 2017 as I had just had hip replacement surgery and was not sure how available I would have been to participate in the board functions. I am now healed and feeling healthy again. So much so I managed to play 50 games of golf last summer and fall and since curling started have managed to play 3 or 4 games a week.

As I member of your board I have taken all the requisite courses along with extras to keep my expertise at a high level. Over the years I have served on most committees as well as the executive committee: two years as secretary, three years as chair. A member of the Audit Committee and then chair.Also chaired the search committee when our last CEO resigned.

One of my other interests has been as a shriner where I have been active since 1977, Over these years I have been President of the Directors Staff and then Director for eight years. While serving in that capacity I was elected to the North American overseeing body where in 1998 I became only the fourth Canadian to ever be President in its 100 year history. Since being president I have chaired the budget and audit committee, parliamentarian, sat on the time and place committee and from 2001 to 2017 was the Chaplain.

Michael Mathieson

My name is Michael Mathieson and I have the privilege of being a member of the Board of Directors of Luminus Financial. I am new to the Board of Directors of Luminus, however, I served on the Board of Directors of Victory Community Credit Union for eighteen years.  During my time on the Board, I served in numerous roles: member of the Audit Committee; member of the Marketing and Promotions Committee; Corporate Secretary; Vice-Chair; and Chair.  I have been a member of Victory since I was a young child.  I am committed to the cooperative principles of the credit union system.  I work as the Executive Director of a healthcare organization in Toronto. With my team of 120 staff, we provide support services to people with physical disabilities to live in the community.  In my role, I am responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of the organization including finances, human resources, quality improvement, strategic planning and service delivery.  I studied at Queen’s University and continue to take advantage of educational opportunities both for my work and for the Credit Union.  I continue to be impressed with the caliber of the staff and Board of Directors of Luminus.  I am running to serve on the Board of Directors of Luminus Financial to help maintain the high quality of services to members and excellent reputation we have within the Credit Union system.  I hope to use my skills and experience to support Luminus to realize our goals and objectives.

Andrew E. Maund

I had the privilege of serving as a board member for Luminus Financial from April 2007 until December 2017. I voluntarily stepped down at the end of 2017 to allow a member from Victory Community Credit Union to join the Luminus board as part of the recent merger between the two credit unions. It was my intention at that time to stand for re-election at the next AGM with support from the board.

During my time on the board our Credit Union has been through some major changes including mergers, share offerings, a name change and significant growth in assets. If re-elected, I see part of my role as challenging management to both attain and exceed the approved strategic plan.

My financial training and my career help to give me the necessary tools to fulfill my responsibilities on the board. I completed four of the five levels of the former CGA program. I also hold a CCP (Certified Credit Professional) designation from the Credit Institute of Canada. In my day job I was formerly the Finance Manager for the Toronto Star and currently hold the title of Manager, Compensation & HRIS Systems at the Toronto Star.

I hope to have the honour of serving another term as a member on your board. I will continue to work hard to make sure that Luminus continues to grow while always looking out for the needs of our members.