About Us

The Story of Luminus Financial

The heart of Luminus Financial is community. Founded in 1951, Luminus has always put our communities first - and we always will.

On September 26, 1951 Starnews Credit Union was founded by a group of Toronto Star employees who realized they could better serve the financial needs of their community by partnering together. Their vision for finding new ways to serve each other has remained a focal point over the years, helping drive a long list of community-first decisions that have set Luminus Financial apart.

In 2022, we celebrate our 70th Anniversary. From mergers and partnerships that have expanded services for our member-owners, to initiatives and products that Luminus Financial created in direct response to the needs of our community, the last 7 decades have been marked by an eye on the needs of the present and a mindset focused on the future.

Over the next 70 years, we look forward to all of the opportunities that have yet to come. Moments where we can respond to the changing needs of our community and once again do more together.

Here For You - Better Together

At Luminus Financial, cooperative banking lets us provide member-owners with financial services at the lowest possible cost. We return the profits in the form of dividends on investment and membership shares.

Luminus Vision Statement

Luminus Mission Statement

Values Statement:

Luminus Financial is Adaptable, Responsive, Committed, and Co-operative (ARCC)


  • We will expand opportunities by recognizing and responding to changes
  • We will position products and services to attract the family unit
  • We will embrace and be open to competitive trends


  • We will treat everyone with respect and fairness
  • We will be responsive and sensitive to the diverse needs of our members
  • We will embrace and be open to changes that will keep us competitive
  • We will develop products and services for members and their families


  • We are committed to service excellence
  • We will encourage a team environment committed to open and honest communication at all levels to provide better service to our members
  • We will be committed to bringing financial awareness and understanding to members so they may be financially independent


  • We will operate in accordance with co-operative principles:
    • Voluntary and Open Membership
    • Democratic Member Control
    • Member Economic Participation
    • Autonomy and Independence
    • Education, Training and Information
    • Co-operation among Co-operatives
    • Concern for Community
  • We will recognize our social responsibilities within our environment and community

Our Promise to our Members

As a member-owner of Luminus Financial, you have our commitment to live up to our promise of a clearly better banking experience.

We will:

    1. Listen to you.
    2. Respond with your financial best interests as our priority.
    3. Offer a full range of competitive financial products and services.
    4. Treat you as an owner of our institution – because you are.
    5. Share our profits with you.
    6. Exemplify all Credit Union principles.
    7. Make you glad to be a member, always.